Cancellation/Return Policy

Mathamatrimony strives to serve the customers even when they choose to cancel or return any service. Our members have complete ownership of the account and can cancel their membership with us with the help of account options provided. They can even choose to temporarily cancel the service by going for the 'deactivate' option in their account.

The account is for sole and exclusive use only. The membership cannot be transferred or be assigned to another person.

If you choose to cancel or terminate your membership, the MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE REFUNDABLE under the below valid circumstances only.

Within 7 days from the paid membership start date, the member has to call and mail us at providing the complete context under which the refund is expected.

Refund will be granted if and only if there was a valid technical issue or if the customer chooses to terminate the membership within the above said 7 days. Other reasons are not taken account for the refund

The complete process of refund may take around 25-30 days from the date of intimation of return by the member.

The amount refunded will vary depending on the circumstance. The mode of repayment will be either through bank transfer or cheque issued in the name of the account holder. We do not give cash refunds

Returns, post the 7 days period of starting the membership on accounts of 'not satisfied by our services' like (not got /not accepted any interests or messages or requests, then the refund will not be entertained.

If the return is initiated on the basis of technical difficulties, it will be examined by our technical team. If the issue is valid, customer can be compensated for the affected period with additional membership period caused by the technical difficulty.

Returns and refunds are not entertained for the services/memberships obtained by the the marketing team of mathatmatrimony on special occasions like Pongal, Diwali, and Valentine's Day etc. Since these are limited period offers, the Refunds are not made for the same.

Please note that the refund of payments can be initiated and processed if and only if the payment amount was received by team.

Cancellation and refund requests should be sent to

And can be tracked on the same email if you have any further queries.

We are happy to assist.

Team Mathamatrimony